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As expected, Doopie got the attention she desired with either people falling for her stalker schtick and telling them how sorry they are for her and to stay strong or by telling her how she should seek legal help and have Chris locked up as a predator. BPD serves as a convenient excuse when she doesn't want to do something. Another symptom that comes with BPD is that people with it are very skilled at playing the victim and any one who has looked at Doopie's Twitter feed for a single day can see this exact behavior. Since Chris failed to get the obvious, Doopie temporarily unblocked him on 5 August to spell out that she is not his friend:. As can be accepted from most girls on the internet, Doopie appraises her self worth and validates her existence by counting how many fans she has telling her how good looking she is or with the number of greasy little boys who she can count on that will White knight all her causes and tell her how right she is. Her love of CP is explained.
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Doopie DoOver

Dress up in your mother's panties and take hormones to grow tits, perfectly straight to Chris. It doesn't matter if they're taking money from a rich fan or a mother with a cancer stricken child, they only care that they got money so there might be some veracity to Doopie's claims. Outcast to doopie most likely means the rich kids wouldn't hang with her white trash ass. Doopie's work is aged up.
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We all know Chris' marriage fantasy but Doopie doesn't, so here it is: In what has become Doopie's very own Sociopathic, Narcissic Personality Disorder style, you can tell that it's either time for Christmas or that Doopie needs some extra spending money because Doopie has taken to E-begging for money again by playing to bleeding hearts, virgin boys and retards with no concept of how to budget money by taking on the role of the emotionally traumatized victim when she started blaming everyone but himself, in 3 twitter posts, for the failure that she currently calls her life. Doopie's whole point is that nigger is a word and it's the fault of the person hearing that word if they unreasonably apply the wrong intention, in other words - "Words Are Just Words" and we as people choose to let ourselves be offended by them, because this is what society has taught. With Chris Chan still believing that he and Doopie are still friends and Doopie only blocking him because of "Them damn, dirty trolls " like the cock teasing bitch she is, Doopie plainly stated that she and Chris Chan are not friends, have never been friends and that he's a serious sick fuck to even imagine that there could ever be anything between them.
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Doopie wouldn't do it again Remember, Doopie hates the word nigger and wants you to think that she's progressive Trailor Trash that hates racism But screaming, "Sieg Heil! These screencaps were accompanied by comments such as: Why wont he sperg? The users on the site then began to ask her questions regarding her interactions with Chris, to which Doopie responded with some intriguing answers. Yes, that's an ice-cream truck. Chris' money is his that he gets to spend on legos, video games and whatever his tard brain wants. You'll get them when I fucking do them.
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